Your shipment, always in sight

Our PharmaTrak software is your window into
pharmaceutical shipping. Your entire shipment is
always just a few clicks away..
Complete Visibility & Accountability
  • With PharmaTrak you have constant access to accurate information convering the entire shipping process, from pickup through delivery.
Custom Staging
  • Arrange how your shipment is loaded into the truck and receive signed confirmation. Let us consolidate and organize your distribution for the most cost effective solution.
Track Orders
  • Track orders down to the individual box, even if your shipment features 100 separate orders going to 100 different destinations across the country.
Satellite-tracked transit
  • We know where your orders are at all times, and so will you.
Time-Stamped Notes
  • See all correspondence between your reps and our team, including sheduling of delivery appointments thru Proof of Delivery (P.O.D.).
Total Customization
  • PharmaTrak can be tailored to your unique needs whether you represent a pharmaceutical company or are a fullfillment partner.
  • Custom Reports
     -Redirected in transit shipment reports
     -Product Variance Report
     -Rep. Missed Delivery Report
     -Damage Report
     -Invoice Audit Report
     -In-transit Change Reports - adjust your shipping
     -Information at any time
     -Adaptability - PharmaTrak can track details unique to
     your shipment for added accountability

Easy Access
  • PharmaTrak is Web-based and accessible from any computer computer by any authoirzed person in your compnay. All shipping information is always available.
  • Ability to upload orders in mass via FTP or excel for multiple shipment distributions


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